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Name Badges & Plaques

Engraved Name Badges, Sydney

Name badges in Australia are essential for so many different reasons and a whole host of events. There is always a reason for a new batch of name badges in Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere across Australia and overseas.Just send us your badge design and size requirements and we will ship them to you anywhere in Australia or overseas.

Personalised Name Badges, Sydney

Personalised name badges are necessary items for many business situations and are a nice touch in many others. We can design your name badges to suit any design with an unlimited number of colours.

Plastic Name Badges, Sydney

Plastic name badges always last much longer and are more cost effective than any other type of material. Another cost effective measure is to have your name badges coated with a polymer film, which gives added protection and durability.

Two Colour Name Badge, Sydney

You can order your name badges in black and white (two colours) or in multi-colours. Both of these styles make great backgrounds for displaying your company logo, as well as each person's position in your company.

Name Plaques, Sydney

We have three different types of name badges: two-colour engraved, multi-coloured or graphic (dye sublimation) and multi-coloured (screen printed).

For small quantities of name badges we recommend dye sublimation (1 to 30 badges) as the set up costs are minimal. For larger quantities, we recommend screen printing as the costs can be amortised over time.

Whilst both of these systems are equally effective and long lasting, we recommend that a polymer coating be placed over the badges, as this not only protects the print, but also gives each badge an attractive finish.

Name Badges Online, Sydney

It is easy to order your name badges online, just send us your size, design and text and we will have your order shipped to you ASAP.

For superior rubber stamps, name badges & plaques in Sydney, across Australia to all capital cities (Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide) and overseas, contact us on 02 9519 2588 , email us on info@federalstamps.com.au or complete our online enquiry form.