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Self Inking Daters & Date Stamps


Quality Date Stamps, Sydney

Custom date stamps in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and across Australia are a necessary office item, used by most business to save time when marking documents or packages. You can use them for incoming or outgoing mail, orders or sales receipts and invoices, as well as for expiry dates and due dates.

Custom Date Stamps, Sydney

Date stamps in Melbourne and throughout Australian offices make short work of simple repetitive tasks. Our date stamps with text in Sydney, make mundane tasks fly by, giving you added flexibility and versatility to cover all of your jobs efficiently.

We can customise any of your date stamps with whatever text you need. Just send us the text you want included in the stamp, along with your selected design and size of stamp and you will have it in your office ASAP.

You can also choose from heavy duty date stamps, standard plastic date stamps or the more traditional date pads with separate ink pads.

Self Inking Date Stamp, Sydney

Many companies prefer self inking date stamps because they avoid any mess with separate ink pads and are fast and efficient. Once you have dialled up your date, you are good to go and can power through a stack of documents or invoices in no time at all.

Received Date Stamp, Sydney

Received date stamps make short work of invoices and other communications that can inundate your office and become lost or misplaced very quickly. So make sure all of your important documents are stamped as 'received' with the correct date.

Paid Date Stamp, Sydney

When invoices are paid, it is vital that they are stamped as 'paid' with the correct date. This prevents any mix-ups about payments and everyone knows exactly what has and has not been paid. For superior date stamps, date pads and self inking daters in Sydney, across Australia to all capital cities (Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide) and overseas, contact us  on 02 9519 2588, email us on info@federalstamps.com.au or complete our online enquiry form.