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Company Seals

Company Seal

Company Seals and Stamps, Sydney

Company seals are no longer required by law to be affixed to deeds, but there are many other reasons why a company seal is still a necessary requirement, particularly if you have overseas dealings. You must use a company seal if one is required by your mandate and you will also find that many overseas companies and government agencies expect a company seal on signed documents. This is because in many countries, the use of a company seal is still required when documents are executed and they expect the same to be true in Australia. So it makes your life easier if you have a company seal available when needed.

All valid company seals must have the company name included on the seal - if the ACN is included in the company's name. In all other cases, you will need your company's name, the words "Australian Company Number" or "ACN" followed by your numericalCAN on your seal.

If you have duplicates of your company seal, then the words "duplicate", "share seal" or "certificate seal" must be displayed on the stamp. Company seals are also called "common seals" or "corporate seals". To order superior company seals and stamps  across Australia to all capital cities (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide) and overseas, contact us on 02 9519 2588 , email us on info@federalstamps.com.au or complete our online enquiry form.